Companhia Clara Andermatt (ACCCA) was founded in 1991 and formalized as a nonprofit cultural association in 1997. It is based in Lisbon, Portugal.

The company sustains Clara Andermatt’s artistic and educational projects, developing activities in the areas of creation, production, training, cooperation, and promotion of artistic projects. The company has produced about sixty works of the choreographer, presented in twenty countries.

Its activities also encompass training sessions for professionals from other disciplines, work with non-professional groups and different communities, as well as projects especially developed for schools, at all educational levels. It provides support to emerging artists and professionals from various disciplines, namely by lending the company’s studio, giving logistic back up, and contributing to the development of the local artistic community.

Clara Andermatt’s creative work is informed by the awareness of the role of Art as a privileged channel communication and for the acknowledgment of the Other. She is actively engaged in establishing connections with various territories and their communities.

ACCCA consistently works in the field of inclusion, from the standpoint of providing public service, on a regional, national, and international level. The company has grown to be effectively inclusive: there are no distinctions between the “normal” and the “different” body, only the performative body exists.

The wide range of proposals and artistic practices that characterize the work of the choreographer and of her company attracts large audiences that go far beyond the traditional public for dance.

ACCCA has established a network of institutional and private partnerships, in Portugal and abroad, counting on a solid circuit for the promotion, reception and coproduction of its projects.

The Clara Andermatt Company is funded by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture since its constitution.