Pantera - the end of the casting process

Between 14 and 22 October, the casting meetings between guest musicians and dancers took place at ACCCA Studio, for the next creation by Clara Andermatt and João Lucas - "Pantera". These were very challenging sessions, where each participant gave great emotional inputs to the various proposals launched by the artistic directors, contributing to an inspiring result.

This will be a very special production for Andermatt and Lucas, in homage to the singer-songwriter Orlando Pantera, a great friend and an inevitable reference in Cape Verdean music.

From 9 to 29 November, the choreographer and composer will travel to Cape Verde, to the islands of Santiago and São Vicente, for an artistic research residency together with Darlene Barreto, daughter of Pantera. Film director Catarina Alves Costa, responsible for documenting the entire artistic process, will also be part of the team on this trip.

"Pantera" will premiere in March 2022, at the Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon.


Photos by Andreia Cordeiro