"I want to understand human nature, to grasp other levels of consciousness."

The body is the tool I work with and that enables me to express myself and to shape my work. The body that sustains the soul (or the other way around), and contains one’s thoughts, emotions, and singularities. I want to understand human nature, to grasp other levels of consciousness.

I essentially work with the same subject-matters, which result from an inner turbulence, from everything I feel and reflect upon; everything I see and the way I perceive things around me. Love, and the challenges of the encounters that derive from the possibilities or impossibilities of communication, are also recurring themes.

The voyage marked my artistic career and I think that this continuous journey, rich in interactions and exchanges, has propelled my work since the very beginning. These are the factors at the core of my emotional and theatrically charged performances.

Pluridisciplinarity is another hallmark of my approach to artistic creation, instigating the interaction between different languages, methodologies, and techniques, under a logic of articulation that I use to strengthen my choreographic discourse. I prefer long working processes, where reflection, research, and improvisation are given time to unfold and mature, as a way to shape the outcome of my work. I often set out with a predetermined idea, but it is with the input of the interpreters and other artistic collaborators that I transform and consolidate ideas. Music has an indelible impact on all my creations; it has a life of its own and always contributes to build the dramaturgy of my pieces.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity - and have made the deliberate choice - of working with a multiplicity of students, interpreters, and collaborators of different natures; by this I mean different bodies, cultures, social environments, age groups, backgrounds, and artistic areas. I like the difference, the details and the uniqueness that generate an exchange of knowledge.

Clara Andermatt

Photos by Inês D'Orey