As Ondas (The Waves)

“As Ondas” is the result of an experience of approximation to the worlds inhabited by Clara Andermatt, João Garcia Miguel and Michael Margotta.

The in-depth analysis of Virginia Woolf’s text is transported to the stage by Clara Andermatt and João Garcia Miguel, working on the intersection between theatre, dramaturgy, and dance.

Michael Margotta   ̶̶ renowned actor, teacher and theatre director, member of the Actor's Studio, who taught for many years at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York   ̶̶ was deeply involved in aspects related to acting and writing.

The music, composed by João Lucas, is played live by a percussionist who, despite being onstage, is invisible.

“The intertwining of the fields of dance, theatre and music is neither recent nor particularly original. But for us, this is an experience that expanded the boundaries of our individual paths. The knowledge of each other and of our own creative impulses have been put to the test along this process. And the recognition of this process is precisely what we gain from a profound artistic collaboration. The result of this work is an unfinished and imperfect circle. “The waves fell; withdrew and fell again”.

Clara Andermatt (2004)


A project by Clara Andermatt | Co-creation: Clara Andermatt, João Garcia Miguel and Michael Margotta | Performers: Clara Andermatt and João Garcia Miguel | Musical composition João Lucas | Invited musicians: António Pedro and Nuno Pessoa | Video: João Dias | Costume designer: Aleksandar Protic | Set designer: Clara Andermatt and João Garcia Miguel | Stage management: Amélia Bentes | Tecnhical director: Carlos Ramos | Sound operator: Gonçalo Brou | Graphic designer: Nuno Patrício | Production: ACCCA Clara Andermatt Company | Executive production: Pedro Patrício and Ana Santos | Intern: Marta Vieira

Photos by Jorge Gonçalves

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