Durações de um Minuto (The Duration of a Minute)

Jorge Salavisa, at the time director of one of the most important venues for the performing arts in Lisbon, the São Luiz Teatro Municipal, invited two artists from different artistic backgrounds to develop a piece that would bring together the different aspects of their artistic domains. The result was “Durações de Um Minuto”, that is neither a dance piece nor a film nor a time-based media artwork, but that naturally reflects the particular approach with which a choreographer and a filmmaker address a specific theme.

Clara Andermatt and Marco Martins brought together actors, dancers, and musicians, with contrasting ages and different training and professional backgrounds.

The performers were asked to contribute with some autobiographical experiences for a common reflection on how time is perceived, experienced, lived, and spent. The stage becomes an enclosed space, like a capsule, where the temporal references are lost and, for that very reason, time expands or shortens, depending on the way each character  experiences it.


Direction and co-creation: Clara Andermatt e Marco Martins | From texts by: Gonçalo M. Tavares | Original music: João Lucas | Set designer: Artur Pinheiro | Lighting designer: Nuno Meira | Costume designer: Dino Alves | Direction assistant: Amélia Bentes and Narcisa Costa | Sound operator: José Fortes | Performers: Luna Andermatt, Ana Diaz, Carla Maciel, Ivo Canelas, Nuno Lopes, Romeu Costa, Sam Louwyck, São Castro, Sofia Dias, Vítor Roriz | Musicians: João Lucas e Paulo Temeroso | Production: São Luiz Teatro Municipal | Executive production: ACCCA Companhia Clara Andermatt

Photos by José Pedro Sousa, José Frade

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