In my Mind

In the wake of a long history of creative collaborations between choreographer Clara Andermatt and the composer and musician Vítor Rua, namely in works such as “O Canto do Cisne” (2004), “Levanta aos Braços como Antenas para o Céu” (2005) and “Silêncio” (2006), “In my Mind” marks the moment when the two artists meet onstage to interpret a piece they cocreated. The encounter between two bodies and two electric guitars brings to the surface a wide set of emotions.


Created and performed by: Clara Andermatt and Vítor Rua | Lighting designer and technical director: Carlos Ramos | Sound operator: Pedro Alçada | Production: ACCCA Clara Andermatt Company | Co-production: Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Teatro da Politécnica | Support: INATEL Teatro da Trindade, University of Lisbon Rectory, Sinal 26 Produções Artísticas, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Photos by Sandra Ramos

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