“Maior” results from an invitation by Companhia Maior to Clara Andermatt, to work with these interpreters that come from the theatre, dance, and music, all of them over 60 years old.

By removing the focus from the age factor, Clara Andermatt steps back from the obvious without losing the characteristics that are inextricably linked to the biographies of these individuals; the experience, the knowledge, the vulnerability of persons who were born in a very different time from the one we live in now.

“Maior” explores the notion of beauty, and the relation of the bodies with the objects and sounds. The dramaturgy is built from the texts of the interpreters themselves, and Andermatt tries to find ways of extracting from each person the choreographic material and the dramaturgy that constitute the essence of the piece. In a sense, we could say that Andermatt brings out the personality of each of the interpreters at the same time as, in the eyes of the audience, she pays tribute to their humane qualities. The soundtrack has an essential role in this piece: the music of words, the music of objects, the rhythm of thought, the rhythm of bodies.

The stage is a space devoid of references: white, the colour that reflects all colours. Emptiness and light, maximum clarity. A naked space, where everyone that inhabits it acquires a precise contour, detailed, amplified, evincing the most distinctive features of the interpreters, just as the choreographer wanted to show them.


Creation: Clara Andermatt | Sonoplasty: Vítor Rua | Set designer: Artur Pinheiro | Lighting designer: Wilma Moutinho | Assistant to the choreographer: Cláudia Gaiolas | Performers: Ana Diaz, António Pedrosa, Carlos Nery, Celeste Melo, Cristina Gonçalves, Diana Coelho, Elisa Worm, Helena Marchand, Isabel Millet, Isabel Simões, Iva Delgado, Jorge Falé, Júlia Guerra, Kimberley Ribeiro, Manuela de Sousa, Rama Michel, Paula Bárcia and Vítor Lopes | Guest appearance: Luna Andermatt | Producer: Luís Moreira | Co-production: Centro Cultural de Belém | Executive production: Companhia Maior | Support to the executive production: ACCCA Companhia Clara Andermatt

Photos by Bruno Simão

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