Natural (recreation)

From the original 2005 piece, Clara Andermatt conducted a workshop with 16 members of the Sadler's Wells Theatre Company of Elders, previously known as the Over 60s Performance Group.

Clara Andermatt opted for exploring the characteristics and artistic collaboration of the over 60’s group of interpreters. The piece is focused on the positive and negative aspects of the ageing process at that specific time of their lives.

For the restaging of “Natural” in 2019, Andermatt worked with interpreters with ages ranging from 65 to 90 years old, of which only five participated in the original piece, and departed from a series of interviews, using theatre and improvisation techniques, exploring the individual capabilities and the knowledge of the body and its limits.


"NATURAL" (2019) Concept and choreography Clara Andermatt | Performers Almeric Johnson, Amina Patel, Betsy Field, Catriona Maccoll, Cecil Rowe, Christopher Dunham, Chris Havell, Dahlia Douglas, Damien Murphy, Daphne Hoban, Drew Paterson, Genia Browning, Jeanette White, Linda Lewcock, Maryu O'Mahony, Monica Duck, Pam Zinkin, Rachel Thompson, Sara Harris, Sybil Fox | Rehearsal assistant Simona Scotto | Original lighting design (2005) Carlos Ramos and Clara Andermatt | Lighting adapted by (2019) Anthony Hateley | Songs Mariza and Philip Glass | Production: Sadler's Wells Theatre | Production support ACCCA Companhia Clara Andermatt (Elisabete Fragoso and Pedro Pestana)

Photos by Sadler's Wells Theatre / Deborah Jaffe, Ellie Kurtz

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