Clara Andermatt, Rui Horta, and Bruno Listopad were the choreographers invited by Ballet Gulbenkian to participate in Programa Gerações, and each one of them created a new choreography for the now extinct ballet company. “neatnet”, Andermatt’s work, is an intense piece, a sort of an anthology of an artistic journey, before embarking in future endeavours.

In a futurist and inhospitable environment, the choreographic language is precise and detailed, revealing once again the intensity of the gesture that is specific to the work of Clara Andermatt.


Artistic director and choreography: Clara Andermatt | Musical director: João Lucas | Costume designer: José António Tenente | Lighting designer: Carlos Comes, supervised by Carlos Ramos | Choreography assistant: Amélia Bentes | Video: Inpul | Performers (premiere): Ana Cláudia Ribeiro, Sandra Rosado, Teresa Simas, Luís Damas, Hillel Kogan, Francisco Rousseau and Romeu Runa


Photos by Paulo Sabino

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