Suspensão (Suspension)

A performance, a concert, and a choreography all in one. A choreographer, two composers. Clara Andermatt is joined onstage by Jonas Runa, who has a PhD in Music Informatics, and conductor António Sá-Dantas, to compose a unique piece where movement and sound are created in real time.

Light-sensitive sensors distributed throughout the stage are activated by the interference of the body, creating sound that is modulated by the movement of the interpreters, in a game of shadows and light. Contact microphones placed on the body amplify the sounds of the moving body. Electronics, applied in this fashion, joins body and machine. The voice sings and speaks of unknown rituals and of an existence beyond time, in imaginary tongues.

A workshop /conference about the creation process is carried out upon request, providing the opportunity to experiment and interact with the electronic instruments used in the piece.


“Scenes that are variegated and revisited do not tell a linear story, but suggest and create characters, sensations, and short stories, that flow from one to the other, return, remain, and disappear.”

Clara Andermatt (2016)


Concept, performance and set design: Clara Andermatt, Jonas Runa and António Sá-Dantas | Lighting designer: Wilma Moutinho | Artistic consultant: Vítor Rua | Costume designer: Ana Direito | Set construction: Sérgio Cobos | Interactive electronic system concept: Jonas Runa | Technical support for the interactive electronic system: Leds & Chips | Sound operator: Ricardo Figueiredo | Technical director: Miguel Abelho | Production: ACCCA Companhia Clara Andermatt (Guy Swinnerton and Elisabete Fragoso) | Co-production: Teatro Viriato | Support: O Espaço do Tempo | Media partner: Antena 2

Photos by Alípio Padilha

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