P.E.D.R.A. – Educational Project in Dance Repertory for Adolescents

P.E.D.R.A. is a project in contemporary dance which is developed along four months with young people that are between 15 and 18 years old. There are no prior requirements of experience in the field. A renowned Portuguese choreographer is invited to share one or more of his or her repertory pieces with them. The process runs in parallel in the cities of Lisbon, Viseu and Porto. Overseen by the invited choreographer of that year, the group works with a choreographer that is chosen in each one of the three cities.

Each edition ends with a live presentation of the exercise that is the result of each group´s interpretation, reading and fruition of a specific repertory piece. Clara Andermatt, the choreographer invited to the first edition of P.E.D.R.A., in 2018, selected a piece from 2009, “So Solo”, that was worked and interpreted by the groups and the choreographers Cristina Planas Leitãon (Porto), Romulus Neagu (Viseu), and Amélia Bentes (Lisbon).


“The act of revisiting past works leads us back to ourselves, takes us straight to the memories, the concepts and the states of mind that linger and still resonate, or to those we remember with tenderness and distance because they belong to a place that has since been transformed. The purpose is to transmit knowledge to the choreographers and all the participants in this project; tell them about the reasons, the concepts, and the myriad ingredients that compose my work. In doing this, I become aware that the mode of transmitting that information is still being discovered.” 

Clara Andermatt (2018)


Co-production: Culturgest, Teatro Municipal do Porto and Teatro Viriato

Interpretation and creative participation: LISBON - Anastásia Russkikh, António Liberato, Carolina Inácio, Catarina Keil, Hugo Mendes, Jonathan Taylor, Leonor Mendes, Margarida Souza and Mariana Vasconcelos; OPORTO - Alice Ferreira, Ana Beatriz Sequeira, Dalila Pereira, Flávia Freitas, Maria Beatriz Costa, Maria Catarina Diogo and Vanessa Ferreira; VISEU - Beatriz Almeida, Beatriz Teixeira, Cecília Borges, Daniela Dias, Inês Fernandes, Isabel Obrist, Mariana Silva, Rita Obrist and Sara Lopes

Photos by Patrícia Blázquez (Culturgest), José Caldeira (T.M.Porto)