Louca-Louca Sensação de Viver (Crazy-Crazy Sensation of Living)

Premiered at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation ACARTE’S “Portuguese Dance Programme”, in 1991, “Louca-Louca Sensação de Viver” is the first piece created by Andermatt for her recently established dance company, upon her return to Portugal.

It is a choreography where a surreal atmosphere and an Iberian imaginary predominate. Andermatt turns to irony and ridicule to address the anguish that lies hidden behind certain situations. The piece is interpreted by six dancers, including the choreographer herself.


“Around a table, two people talk, suspended in the air, symbolizing an impossible moment of eternity. The ridicule of certain situations - the irony expressed by the gestures, and the implicit mockery - hides the pain of breaking up, the inevitable condition of being in love.”

Clara Andermatt (1991)


Choreography: Clara Andermatt | Performers: Mónica Lapa, Beatriz Mesa, Clara Andermatt, Samuel Esteves, José Jimenez, Nuno Bizarro | Songs: Grieg, Alex North, Chico Buarque, La Fura dels Baus, A. Bourbon | Original song: Luís Cília | Costume designer: Conceição Abreu | Set designers: Clara Andermatt and Nuno Ribeiro | Lighting designer: Orlando Worm

Photos by Peter Nierhoff, Nuno Ribeiro

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