Novo-Velho-Circo - Os Acrobatas do Desejo (New-Old-Circus - The Acrobats of Desire)

Through millennia of evolution, our brains were wired to marginalize perceptions and stimuli that were apparently unnecessary for survival; a learning process made under the restraints of Reason, responsible for the suppression of our capacity for enchantment. The Circus opens the doors to fantasy and illusion. It asks for that human sensibility that allows us to see beyond what is logical or credible, that frees the imagination and gives way to enchantment.

In “Novo-Velho-Circo”, that was inspired by the literary works of Aldous Huxley, Angela Carter, Haroldo de Campos and Jorge Luís Borges, we play with perception, subvert the structures of rationality and try to free the spectator from the chains of the “reality principle”.

From a certain perspective, things are as they are, and from their meanings and nomenclature derive, forcefully, a perfect order and government. Seen from another perspective, the invisible is more real than the visible and the energy of desire leads the world.


Direction: Clara Andermatt | Direction assistant: António Oliveira | Original music: Jonas Runa with the collaboration of António Oliveira | Set desingers: Emanuel Santos and Nuno Guedes | Plasticy, set and props: Emanuel Santos and Julieta Rodrigues | Lighting designers: Wilma Moutinho | Costume designer: Julieta Rodrigues | Performers: André Araújo, Bruno Machado, Francesco Cerutti, Jolanda Loellmann, Julieta Rodrigues, Mickaella Dantas | Production: Radar 360º and ACCCA Companhia Clara Andermatt | Co-production: Teatro Viriato, Rivoli Teatro Municipal, Centro Cultural Vila Flor | Support: Fábrica da Rua da Alegria, Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Teatro Municipal - Campo Alegre and Circolando | Media partner: Antena 2

Photos by Teresa Couto, José Caldeira

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