Silêncio (Silence)

Following the pieces “O Grito do Peixe” and “Levanta os Braços como Antenas para o Céu”, created with and for specific groups, “Silêncio” is developed with more creative freedom, in a process that involves a collaboration between Clara Andermatt, F. J. Ossang, Peter Michael Dietz and Vítor Rua. “Silêncio” is a search for the silences in each discipline; in the movement of the duet interpreted by Andermatt and Dietz, in the images that evoke the poetry and the silence of the landscapes Ossang captured in Portugal, and in the sonorities composed by Rua.


“In ‘Silêncio’ a story is told that has no beginning and no end – it just appears and disappears. Time is the element that shapes the performative plot and is the essential referent for the comprehension of the piece. The aim is to add to an event another event, and then yet another event, without any apparent relation between them, except for the pure enchantment of creating an abstract kinetic chain.

If the events in a given piece follow each other in a specific order, then that order is bound to influence or even to constitute the meaning of the piece: abstractions, in movement, creating time – making time visible! In ‘Silêncio’ we will not find a past or a future – just the present. This is what we felt when we were creating the piece: a sensation of an infinite present…”

Clara Andermatt (2006)


Concept and direction: Clara Andermatt | Film and text by: F. J. Ossang | Music: Vítor Rua | Set and lighting designer: Carlos Gomes | Performers: Clara Andermatt and Peter Michael Dietz | Costume designer: Lidija Kolovrat | Technical director: Carlos Ramos | Sound operator: Ângelo Lourenço | Stage technician: David Mendes | Fim crew: Denis Gaubert (photography director), Elvire (director assistant), António Câmara Manuel (production chief), Jean Christophe Sanchez e F.J. Ossang (editor) | Produção: ACCCA Clara Andermatt Company | Executive production: Narcisa Costa | Production assistant: Maria João Garcia | Co-production: Temps d’Images Festival 2006 - DuplaCena (Lisbon), La Ferme du Buisson, Scène Nationale de Marne-la-Vallée (Noisiel), O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo) | Support: Camões Institute (for the presentation in France) | Special thanks to: Serge Catoire, Nuno Leão, Justino Pirata, Montemor-o-Novo City Hall, CCB Centro Cultural de Belém

Photos by José Alfredo

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