So Solo

Working from texts by Tennessee Williams, Bernard Shaw, and Virginia Woolf, Andermatt explores, alone on the stage, the forces and frailties that exist in a human being. Combining movement, text, vocalizing and dramaturgy, “So Solo” rests upon a reflection on the inescapable solitude of a person, and on the opposing forces that we hold within us, between flight and fall.

To develop the dramaturgy and the concept for the piece, Andermatt invited the actor and theatre director Robert Castle, from New York, who was joined in a later phase by the Mexican actor and theatre director Alejandra Orozco. Collaborations that reflect the will to explore and expand the work of the interpreter to new conceptual and performative horizons, giving continuity to the practice of experimentation and the intersection of dance with other artistic expressions that are a distinctive characteristic of Clara Andermatt’s work.


“We live in a permanent state of suspension and ambiguity, where everything is precarious and unstable. Life is in a perpetual wandering between the different facets that we have inside ourselves. A constant oscillation between clarity and confusion, awe and insight, discernment, and insanity. We accumulate and we choose…and sometimes we wreck everything!”

Clara Andermatt (2009)


“So Solo” was ranked in second place in the category “Dance Performance of the Year”, by the prestigious daily newspaper Público, and also elected “One of the Best Dance Performances in 2009”, by the influential weekly newspaper Expresso.


Artistic direction, choreography and performance: Clara Andermatt | Conception and dramaturgy: Robert Castle, Alejandra Orozco and Clara Andermatt | Coaching: Alejandra Orozco | Musical composition: João Lucas | Lighting designer: Rui Horta | Set designer: João Calixto | Costume designer: Aleksandar Protic | Tecnical director: Anatol Waschke | Sound operator: Ângelo Lourenço | Support: Travelling to Lisbon, Fun Center Colombo | Production: ACCCA Clara Andermatt Company | Coproduction: Culturgest and Teatro Nacional de São João

Photos by Inês d'Orey

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