Só um Bocadinho (Just a Little Bit)

“Só um Bocadinho” is the work Clara Andermatt made as a result of the III Certámen Coreografico de Madrid’s award to “En-Fim”, in 1989.

The piece enacts tragicomic situations, portrayed in a crude and emotive fashion. “Só um Bocadinho” reveals, at this early stage of the choreographer’s career, the aesthetics and the language that Andermatt would explore in later works – the emotions, the parody of sociability, sex, manipulation, and human relations – and the sharp, at times grotesque, and often witty ways in which she explores these subjects.


“The razor’s edge is very thin. I see my life threatened by two dangers: by the hungry mouths of greed, and by the bitterness of misery that feeds on itself.”

Stig Dagerman



In 1997, for the 2nd edition of “Dancem!” (“Dance!”) Festival, programmed by Teatro Nacional de São João, in Oporto, the choreographer Paulo Ribeiro dares three dance companies (Portugal – ACCCA; England – DV8 Physical Theatre; France – Compagnie Fattoumi-Lamoureux) to choose and restage some of their first works. Clara Andermatt brings to the stage “Só um Bocadinho” (1990) and “Anomalias Magnéticas” (1995).



Choreography: Clara Andermatt | Dancers: Paulo Ribeiro, José Jiménez, Arturo Villalba, Clara Andermatt | Music: Handel, René Aubry, Malher | Soundtrack editor: Luís Cília | Lighting designer: Keith Yetton | Lighting operator: Paulo Graça | Costumes: Carlota Lagido | Photos: Jorge Gonçalves


Choreography: Clara Andermatt | Dancers: José Silva, Felix Lozano, Miltércio Santos, Clara Andermatt | Music: Handel, René Aubry, Malher | Soundtrack editor: Luís Cília | Lighting: Keith Yetton, Carlos Gonçalves | Costumes: Carlota Lagido

Photos by ACCCA

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